Fleas & Ticks - What Else Should We Watch Out This Summer?

The summer brings the best for you and your pup. Gorgeous hikes, cooling off on the beach, and fun adventures. However, be warned about your buddy’s health hazards, like fleas & ticks - and the very harmful foxtails.

Due to the California rainy season, foxtails are projected to be a great nuisance to us humans and to our furry babies due to their spiky grassy clusters.

Foxtails can:

  • Be inhaled to puncture a lung and/or travel to the brain

  • Enter ear canals causing infection and physical disruption

  • Get embedded on the fur, paws, and between toes

How can we prevent this?

OutFox Field Guard Mask
  • Keep your dog out of overgrown, grassy areas.

  • Monitor your pets and watch for any unusual activities

  • For the long hikes, protect your buddy’s face with OutFox Field Guard Mask. It might be a little pricey but it could help save a life.

  • Examine and be vigilant.

If you have any tips, please comment below.