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Andy dennis

Founder / Executive Director

Andy has loved dogs ever since she was a little girl but she really got involved after she was diagnosed with anxiety in 2012. She started volunteering at local animal shelters and then realized that rescuing dogs brings out the best in her. Her companionship with dogs made her feel the unconditional acceptance and helped her feel like she was not alone. That is when she adopted her little female maltipoo Sammie. Sammie taught Andy that by looking at a dog's face would bring out the caretaker in her.

Her experience with volunteering with rescues gave her the skills to start her own. She called a couple of her dog lover friends to help her start a rescue and the rest is history

Andy's background is in marketing. She did marketing for New Balance for 10 years and now is the Grassroots Marketer for RoadRunner Sports Santa Monica. But her love and passion will always be with rescuing dogs



Director of Operations / Board Member

As a dog lover and a cat mom, Sippy gained her experience by volunteering with other rescues. She decided the best way to learn about fostering was to foster herself. She fostered a litter of kittens and on day one Miss Puma Ray Bear (pictured here) became part of the family. When she's not rescuing dogs, you can find Sippy at ArsenalCreative where she's produced visual effects for Dr. Dre and Muse.




As a little girl, Crista was afraid of dogs. It wasn't until Crista was an adult that she was able to understand canine cuteness. As a last minute decision, she took in her first pup, this was the starting point of Crista joining and rescuing strays from the streets.