Each year, countless animals are euthanized simply because there are too many animals and not enough shelters. Adopting one of our superheroes is a rewarding experience both for the human and the league. All of our extraordinary mutts are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.



Age: 3 months young

Gender: Female

Extraordinary Power: My spirit. I am lively, sassy, sweet, energetic, and playful. I love to play with my toys and play with my foster brother for hours. 

I might be small but I am mighty. Sometimes  I can be a little guarded and suspicious but once I get to know you will see my sweet side.



Age: 8 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: The ability to finish all of my food. I'm not picky -- I love food.

I also love everybody- people, cats and dogs. I am around 8 pounds and love to lounge around or go for long walks.  I just had my teeth cleaned too, so I am ready to snuggle up in your home!


Age: 2 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: Rescuing alpha females. Love my gals, and my dudes (still unsure about cool cats though).

My mission is to pamper my humans with cuddles and kisses; and to show them I'm here when they need me, no matter what -- do you need me now? ... or how about now? No, okay. I can wait. I'm an energetic 70 pound American Bulldog Mix, so it's pretty hard to miss me. I've been getting lots of training and I can't wait to show you what I have learned!



- Check back for the story.

Age: 18 months young

Gender: Female

Extraordinary Powers: My beautiful eyes. Look into my eyes, you will find peace, purpose, and sweetness -- all sugar free. I would like my human to be active just like me, so we can hydrate on coconut water after a long hike. I'm a total health nut, give me some carrots and get your sneakers --we are going on an adventure.


SUPER Q-tip (aka quentin)

Age: 10 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: I'm hypoallergenic, both my daddy and mommy were maltese. 

I'm about 12 pounds and I get along well with people and dogs. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling I would be okay with some feline friends as well.  I love toys and bones, going on long walks, and relaxing at home. It takes me a minute to warm up, but that's just because I am really good judge of character. 



Age: 6 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: I'm always happy, and I'm looking for a happy human to spend all my time with. My corgi/chihuahua background makes it easy to cuddle next to my future human and/or future pet siblings.

I am about 20 pounds and get along with everyone.  I am potty trained, don't mind being left home alone and could explore the town all day long with you. 



Age: 4 years young

Gender: Female

Extraordinary Powers: Loyal to the core. My mission is  to rescue my human(s) out of boredom. I guess this is what us terrier mixes love to do!

I am about 15 pounds and love other dogs! I love people and I just finished learning how to be more social at a wonderful training place with lot of other dogs. I am silly and sweet, what more could you want?!


Super Penny- ADOPTED✌️

- Check back for the story.

Age: 9 Months young

Gender: Female

Extraordinary Powers: My resistance! I was hit by car leaving me with the immobility to use my back legs. But this has not stopped me to live a normal life of playing with my foster siblings and going to the bathroom by myself.