Each year, countless animals are euthanized simply because there are too many animals and not enough shelters. Adopting one of our superheroes is a rewarding experience both for the human and the league. All of our extraordinary mutts are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.



Age: 8 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: The ability to finish all of my food. I'm not picky -- I love food. My foster parents love to give me my medicine with my treats -- and I don't mind! 

I love everybody- people, cats and dogs. I am around 8 pounds will fit in your tote bag.  I might be a little short but my personality is great -- have you heard me bark? Listen to me on social media. Also, I  just had my teeth cleaned too, so I am ready to snuggle up in your home!



Age: 4 years young

Gender: Female

Extraordinary Powers: Loyal to the core. My mission is  to rescue my human(s) out of boredom. I guess this is what us terrier mixes love to do!

I am about 15 pounds and would love to be the only furry pet in the house. I love people and I just finished learning how to be more social at a wonderful training place with lot of other dogs. I am silly and sweet, what more could you want?!



Age: 8 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: Social butterfly. At approximately 35 pounds, I am the guy of the party. I love people, dogs(but prefer dogs my size or smaller) and cats.   In fact, my favorite activity is anything with my human.

I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease approximately eighteen months ago.  The only symptom thus far is drinking excessive water, but I am potty trained.  


Super TOBY

Age: 5 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: I'm a strong, 7 pound chihuahua mix. I was limping in the streets outside a liquor store when I was found. An X-ray revealed my leg had healed wrong from a previous break and several BBs (pellets) in my abdomen from having been shot. My leg is amputated but I don't seem to notice a difference.

Despite all this, I am the perfect lap dog. I am sweet, cuddly, and completely docile.



Age: 2 years young

Gender: Male

Extraordinary Powers: My heart - literally. Check out my pictures. Also, I love to love alpha leaders. But I'm unsure how I feel about cats.

My mission is to find an active team. Hikes, Runs, Swim -- maybe even a triathlon? I'm an energetic 70 pound American Bulldog Mix, so it's pretty hard to miss me. I've been getting lots of training and I can't wait to show you what I have learned!