Bear Needs Help!

It's been really tough these past few days. I have been reaching out to every person, and organization, I can to find a sanctuary or a ranch for him. I've been talking to some professionals in the rescue and training world, and after going through his full background and history it was decided that a sanctuary is not the best option for him. He is not a truly aggressive dog – he has lived with kids and other dogs without incident - and we believe that he deserves to find a forever home. His previous fosters and adopters failed him because they did not understand his extremely high excitement and energy level, so we believe that if we board and train him, at a home with a behaviorist, it will change his life. I mentioned before that he was recommended to go to a sanctuary by the shelter because of his bite history, what they didn’t understand is that he only did that out of defense, as witnesses have confirmed that his previous foster was seen beating him at the Santa Monica Pier. He is just another completely misunderstood dog 😢. I've spoken with a trainer from Bakersfield who also rehabilitates rescue dogs and decided to move forward with her to train Bear. Once he is fully rehabilitated we will find a foster or a forever home for him, but I do not have all the funds that I need to pay for it. I took Bear into my rescue 2 years ago when his owners were planning to dump him at the shelter and I have been personally paying for everything since. I need help. I want to do right by Bear, as that was my promise to him when he came to me, so I am sincerely and humbly asking for everyone's help. Please, if you can help with any amount in raising and donating the funds to board and train, Bear and I will be forever grateful. Absolutely any amount will help. 🙏❤️🐕

Please Venmo if you can. Facebook takes a long time to reimburse. Thank you so much for all your help

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